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#MuslimAndProud is campaign to celebrate the Positive Muslim Identity. We are gathering stories of Muslims doing well in life without compromising their identity, and share it with the world. Share your Story, Get featured, Get A Free #MuslimAndProud Tee – Email : [email protected]

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Changing the Face of American Politics

Young Muslims are coming out of their shell and running for office and local seats. A handful of Muslims are slowly going against the tide and working their way into American politics. The anti-Islamic movement was set into motion in…

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Based on the true account of a robust bond between Malcolm X and Mohammad Ali. Malcolm X found a great potential in Ali to spread the message of Nation of Islam (NOI) and Ali found the anchor he had been…

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How I came back to Islam

I’m a young college student living in America. I was born in a muslim family from the indian subcontinent, so naturally I had an Islamic upbringing. And I hate to say it… but I really hated Islam when I was…

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Why does my Hijab bother you?

By Afshan Khan  There was a time when I used to hear about an attack on Hijab and Burqa in other countries and feel proud of my country that our rights were protected by the constitution. “All the girls and…

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A Teenage Girl

So next time you see me, don’t look at me sympathetically. I am not under duress or a male-worshiping female captive from those barbarous Arab deserts. I’ve been liberated! An insightful and personal account of why a Western teenage girl…

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The Journey to a New Beginning

Getting here was not easy, staying sane here is a challenge. Here, is this moment, this moment when I have achieved my goal of marriage. Here, is this country I so proudly called home in the past, Malaysia. Before I…

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